salute to Broad Street

"Rudin Honorarium"
from carved portrait roller
by Jon Singer

Audart presents and celebrates the advances of the past and the future,
in a 12 artist exhibition saluting Broad Street. This exposition heralds the finest digital art
being created at the moment, as well as the communications applications available through such
important sites as New Yorks Information Technology Center at 55 Broad Street,
developed with the next millennium in mind. The technological advances of the past will also
be honored by Audart, in conjunction with
New York's Westbeth Gallery and Artists' Co-operative,
soon to celebrate their 100th year anniversary. Located at 55 Bethune Street, this site once
housed the original Bell Labs, where the electric light, radio, black and white television and color
television were invented.

Audart directors, Neil London and Audrey Regan pay tribute to the art and technology
of the 20th and 21st Century in producing this multi-location exhibition, which
promises to be a great attraction for visitors to New York and for all New Yorkers who value
the past and have an interest in the future.

"A Salute to Broad Street" will premiere at Audart on July 1st at 60 Broad Street
and remain on exhibit through August 3rd. Digital Artists have been submitting their
work for consideration of this show for the past three months. Among the twelve
artists are veteran and emerging computer artists, as well as graduate and undergraduate
students from New York.  Jacqui Taylor Basker, Managing Director of  The Westbeth Gallery
will co-curate segments of both the historical presentations and the digital art.

Honorariums will be dedicated to:

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