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In February 1996, Audart began exhibiting art in New York's financial district in a 15 room abandoned Swiss Bank. With only six weeks to clean the debris from the space, install lighting and curate the exhibit, Audrey Regan and Neil London, the creators of Audart, were also able to publicize this inaugural event to such an extent that 1500 people attended. The exhibit, aptly titled "The Urban Frontier" reflected the changes taking place in New York's Wall Street area, as well as the early emergence of Internet technology.

This was an exciting time and Audart is proud to have been among the early pioneers in the renaissance of New York's financial district. In the two years that followed, Audart staged 12 major exhibitions, many of them including performance art and the last four devoted to the integration of art and technology. As you browse through our website, you will see the largest of these 12 exhibitions documented and archived.

Every one of Audart's opening nights was attended by 1000+ people and "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory" drew a crowd in excess of 5,000 people - something unheard of in the art world.

Audart closed it's gallery doors in March of 1998 but thousands of people will remember what took place there, at 60 Broad Street, during that unique period of time. Almost 300 artists were able to exhibit their work in a neighborhood that had previously been devoid of art. Tens of thousands of people, from the artworld's most outrageous and colorful citizens to the most conservative corporate men and women and, it seemed, everyone in between, came together to celebrate art.

In terms of the astounding evolution of communications technology and the Internet, Audart would seem to have happened light years ago. Yet, it was only a few years ago. It was in those infancy stages of the worldwide web that Audart became the first New York art gallery to put it's exhibitions and artists online. It was a time when many artists were reticent to have their works on the Internet due to lack of information and the feeling that it might not be wise, safe or secure to do so. The final show at Audart, "The Art & Technology Circus" was curated almost entirely from the Internet where months were spent perusing the personal websites of artists from around the world and then choosing works of art in conjunction with the selected artists. As such, several international artists received their first show in New York City.

Today, New York's financial district is known as Silicon Alley. Other art galleries have sprung up as well as numerous shops and restaurants and many of the once exclusively corporate streets and buildings are home to thousands of new residents. Audart is proud and grateful to have been there when the transition began. It was a fascinating experience and we thank everyone who joined us in the celebration of art.


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