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With over 20 years of experience in communications, marketing and media, a u d c o m brings you a new solutions company and comprehensive internet agency delivering ethical products and services at the most competitive rates.


Whether your network needs are:

a u d c o m 's range of products and engineering support as well as our creative services - design, production, promotion and marketing will fulfill your interdisciplinary media needs.

From a private, clear-channel, ATM DS3/OC3 national, fiber-optic backbone network, a u d c o m offers the best connection to the internet and secured business to business intranet use. a u d c o m also offers interactive websites, CD-ROM production and the development, marketing and management of intellectual property.

a u d c o m has taken the time to develop relationships with the highest quality resources and suppliers of the technologies and the delivery methodologies available today.

With a strong commitment to the integration of art and technology, a u d c o m also pioneers the use of all available media technologies for information, entertainment, cultural arts, as well as medical, institutional and business applications.

Visit a u d c o m 60 Broad Street, next to the New York Stock Exchange and across from the New York Information Technology Center. The offices of a u d c o m share space with audart the fine art gallery and theatre, providing an enriched working environment and a new working model for the synergy of art and technology.

Products & Services:

Ethical Bandwidth

Large corporations, mid-size companies and new media and internet related organizations have and will continue to have growing bandwidth needs. Large streams of data, voice, pictorial images and motion video need to be transferred with complete confidence in throughput and minimal packet loss. Part of the a u d c o m advantage is that we are able to offer "ethical bandwidth" from premium network suppliers offering DS-1 (1.54Mbps), DS-3 (45 Mbps) and OC-3 (155 Mbps)connectivity.

Avoid the MAEs & NAPs (Metropolitan Area Exchanges and Network Access Points)

Dedicated ATM Bandwidth Circuits:


Co-locate Facilities

Domestic and International co-locate facilities are available. 7 Days 24 hrs per mo. charges + bandwidth

Server Hosting

Server hosting and mirrored sites maintained and managed. 7 days 24 hrs

Internet & Intranet Solutions

Our mission, in fact our goal, is to bring to you the ultimate in managed, accountable connectivity for a fraction of the cost you are used to paying for a product we know does not offer the flexibility or the management you deserve.

Why? Because we want to help you understand the power of pioneering advanced technologies and applications. We guarantee once you see what can be done, you will do it - and more. We offer long term relationships with immediate results.


If you are just beginning to enter the world of interactive and multiple function communications, please let us know, there is a learning curve for upgrading your awareness of products, available technologies and suppliers. a u d c o m offers comprehensive consulting, private and group learning sessions.

Web site design and hosting

Clearly, the internet is causing a wave of change. Connectivity for individuals and families, as well as for businesses have affected the way in which the world communicates. Once a plain-text medium, the internet has brought a full color, sound, motion and interactive medium into the average home and business. The extreme requirements placed on the existing telecommunications technology are causing havoc city-by-city and business-to-business. Whether you are a small fish or a large one, it's time to grow and it's time to use the creative tools and tactics once only available to large media and advertising agencies to promote yourself, give others access to you or just to communicate to the world. With many years of media marketing experience a u d c o m has the ability to help you design your internet connection or program the content of your web site. After developing your site, a u d c o m 's strategic alliances with the right graphic and production talent will complete the look, feel and touch of your internet identity.

Interactive CD-ROM development and design

Many of the most interesting web sites have interactivity at their core. Our partnership with Surge Graphics, one of New York's finest interactive CD-ROM production companies will make it easy for you to develop your project from concept to completion: including pressing, package design and shrink wrapping - the whole job, ready to be distributed.

Video Production

a u d c o m offers a wide range of video production products and services. Concept, scripting, production, post production, graphic design and animation from industrial quality to digital broadcast. a u d c o m also specializes in direct response video marketing on cable television and broadcast networks.

Consumer and business-to-business marketing / promotion

If you are a well established business taking a new approach or strengthening your image, or if you are a start-up company looking to create your identity in a landscape filled with competition, give yourself the a u d c o m advantage.

Local loop providing services

Audcom represents all the major local loop delivery service providers currently available in the N.Y. Metropolitan area. Local connectivity by NYNEX, TCG (Teleport Communications Group), and Winstar Communications are all available through Audcom.

Other valuable products

Audcom also represents the entire product lines of Silicon Graphics, Digital Equipment Corporation, OKI Network Technologies, Fore Systems in a favored reselling, engineering and support system capacity.

Local Regional National International



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Traces that demonstrate how a PNAP works -


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TO INFO.APPLE.COM (one hop anywhere throughout the ATM network)

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Subject: Savvis/Audcom


Date: Tues, 10 Dec 96

From: Neil London, President, Chief Executive Officer, Audcom




-- Name change, New York partnership reflects growth, additional services --


ST. LOUIS, December 10, 1996 -- Savvis Communications Corporation, formerly Diamond.Net, today announced the company name change, effective immediately, as well as a partnership with Audcom, a communications company specializing in art and technology in New York City, to resell Savvis' high-speed bandwidth in the tri-state market of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Savvis is establishing a Private Network Access Point (PNAP) in New York City on its private managed asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) network and will work with Audcom to supply New York-area business customers with high-speed, efficient access to the Internet and corporate Intranets.

"By establishing a PNAP in New York City, the Savvis Communications ATM network enables corporate customers in the tri-state area to avoid funneling into congested metropolitan access exchanges (MAEs) and network access points (NAPs) that cause aggravating delays and packet loss on the Internet," said Andrew Gladney, president and chief executive officer at Savvis Communications, and a founding principal at Diamond.Net. "Our partnership with Audcom will allow more tri-state businesses to benefit from Savvis' Internet services."

Audcom's primary focus is reselling Savvis Communications' bandwidth to real estate management companies in Lower Manhattan's so-called `Silicon Alley' area, which is experiencing a boom in the growth of high-technology companies. Audcom sales efforts are also focused on the entertainment industry, broadcast radio and television, cable TV networks, publishing companies, advertising agencies, hospitals and universities throughout the rest of the region.

"Savvis Communications offers the ultimate solution for high-technology companies relocating in the Silicon Alley area," said Neil London, chief executive officer at Audcom. "Savvis can provide high-quality T1s, DS-3s and OC-3 connections to the Internet to corporate real estate management offices, who in turn can offer their tenants high-speed bandwidth. We call it ethical bandwidth."

Savvis plans to increase its services offered to customers in 1997, including adding four PNAPs and 14 Points-of-Presence (POPs) to Savvis' national private managed ATM network, increasing bandwidth capacity for faster Internet access and offering ATM services including voice, video and enhanced transmission services, as well as ATM over satellite.

Savvis Communications Corporation, formerly Diamond.Net, is headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., and is a provider of secure full-service global Intranet and Internet broadband digital network solutions for businesses. Savvis Communications is using full, clear channel DS-3/OC-3 fiber optics and satellite connectivity to create its own managed private ATM network. Utilizing self-healing SONET technology with traffic relief pipes in each city to the other major private networks representing 90 percent of the Internet, Savvis Communications can provide a diverse, fully redundant network for corporate communications. Savvis Communications' national managed private ATM network will be in 20 cities by the second quarter of 1997. Savvis Communications offers the fastest and cleanest routing system for the transfer and delivery of voice, video and data streams at speeds ranging from 128 Kbps to 622 Mbps (OC-12), as well as frame relay connections at speeds up to 45 Mbps. Savvis Communications can be reached on the Internet at Audcom Communications can be reached at 212-363-2668 and at



Editors' Note: An electronic version of this news release is available through the Savvis Communications home page at and via Audcom's home page at or telephone 212-363-2668.



Audcom 60 Broad Street NYC 10004 212-363-2668 / 480-3940




Audart's concept, since its inception eight months ago, has been about integration ... integration of those who make art with those who appreciate art, in a more intimate and beneficial way. Directors, Audrey Regan and Neil London took the concept to another level on July 1st, 1996 with the opening of the exhibition salute to Broad Street which brought together, for the first time in a formal gallery setting, the works of twelve outstanding cyber artists. This integration of art and technology was enhanced by Audart's strategic location at 60 Broad Street, directly across the street from the New York Information and Technology Center, a Rudin Management property. Audart worked as closely as possible with Bill Rudin and his team in saluting Broad Street and its future destiny as Lower Manhattan's next Madison Avenue. the opening of Salute to Broad Street was a milestone for Audart' says Audrey Regan, because we put the gallery and the exhibition up on the web during the opening party and the internet has been carrying us forward ever since.î On September 20th, 15 European art journalists traveled to New York city to visit Audart and to view the salute to Broad Street exhibition. they located our site on the web,î says London and e-mailed us from Amsterdam, requesting a special showing and introduction to our cyber artists as well as a tour of the now famous NYITC.


Audart's most recent endeavor has resulted in the formation of Audcom, a communications company committed to the integration of art and technology. With the explosive growth of the internet and business to business and consumer requirements for telecommunications capacity and bandwidth, specifically, for the transmission of data, voice, video and images, Audcom has found the best solution to the already over-crowded, super information highway, in Savvis Communications, (previously named Diamond Net,) a St. Louis based company. Positioned comfortably under a silk fabric tent, on sofas in Audart's CyberSalon, executives of Savvis, including Andrew Gladney, President/CEO and Audcom Directors Neil London and Audrey Regan, joined forces in this exciting and timely venture. Audcom is the authorized master reseller and representative for Savvis in the tri-state area (NY, NJ, CT) and certain international territories. Savvis, an internet and intranet solutions provider, specializes in internet and intranet digital network products and offers the best and cleanest bandwidth. Switching and routing between all major telecommunications carriers on ATM technology guarantees not only delivery but lower cost and no packet loss. why choose one carrier when you can have them all,î says London, who has over 20 years of communications experience. Diamond Net's lower cost and higher quality T-1's, DS3's and OC3's are now available through Audcom with 30 day delivery. "True ethical bandwidth.'the integration of art and technology continues,' says Audart's Audrey Regan, 'As Savvis and Audcom become the official presenting sponsors of Audart's and New York's most important upcoming multimedia exhibition, "Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory," to open at Audart on February 7, 1997. In commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Andy Warhol's death, this retrospective includes Warhol Circle artists, Billy Name, Allan Midgette, Ultra Violet, Christopher Makos, James Warhola, Gerard Malanga and Laura Rubin, under the curatorial direction of Debra Miller.

Perhaps Ultra Violet's computer-generated print on paper, entitled who But an Angel Can Stop a Missile?î best defines the next millennium, as an angel guides a jet with a gentle but firm hand, through a sky that is not just blue, but all the colors of the rainbow. For information call Audrey Regan or Neil London @ Audart/Audcom at 212-363-2668.


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