AUDART, The Anti-Gallery

60 Broad St., New York NY

Kenta Furusho

"Boy on a Big Skull" - ("Fight") (concrete, paint, wax, fabric) 1994, 44 inches high

My art is a power that swallows me down, deeply, into the Giant of the Jungle, like a non-stop jetcoaster. Since deciding to be an artist twenty years ago, I have wondered what actually happens between me and my work. My work began as a small dot on a piece of paper, as a symbol of Will. Classical study and hundreds of art theories had made me skeptical. I had to eliminate all that I heard and saw, in order to understand who I am. Very carefully, I developed the dot into a line, line into plane, plane into volume, and volume into shape. In the past fifteen years, I experimented with different art forms such as painting, lithography, sculpture (clay, plaster, wood, bronze, plastic), minimal, representative, narrative, abstract, and symbolism. Whatever came to mind I had an urge to make it, in order to understand what I really wanted. Slowly this practice became my concept.

I have a charcter named, "Baby Boy" who comes in various sizes and shapes. This is his world and his manner is symbolic of his relationship to it. I call his worl "Naked Universe" and my work is based on hi imagination and his idea of expanding the world with magical images to aheive a sense of freedom for our life. His challenge is to break taboos and revela a truth of his own. He also addresses his own demons and heros.

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