AUDART, The Anti-Gallery

60 Broad St., New York NY

Suzuyo Saito

"The Drift" - Stone, Wood - 1995, 32" X 80" X 2"

"Column" - Stone, Wood - 1995, 17" X 17" X 73"

My sculpture is based on the architecture of Manhattan and the spaces in between. Manhattan, particularly at night, fascinates me, its buildings becoming large boxes that shine in the dark, with every tiny window sparking various colors of light. From each of these points of light, I see individual life. I see the contrast of light and shadow. I see the darkness between the windows. Using my own perspective, I redefine the physical and peripheral spaces they occupy.

"Parallel Distance" - Stone - 1995, 9" X 15" X 39"

I also strive toward more emotional expressiveness, for I want to look, to feel, to be moved and impressed, to bring into being the intellectual and emotional roots of these sensations.

"Egg with the Window" - Stone - 1995. 9" X 10" X 29"

It is my intention to focus my work towards the center, or the heart (soul) of the piece. Sculpted holes in the center-piece work as channeling focal points, drawing the viewer to see both the piece and, more unconsciously, the space inside and beyond.

"Space Y (Tell)" - Stone, Metal, Fiberglass - 1994, 85" X 75" X 40"

Wood, stone, iron, and fiberglass are the materials I use. My "Column" pieces are made of wood and stone, the wood being representative of Asia and the stone signifying the Western World.

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