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How often do we stop and smell the roses ? How much do we really see in

nature ? How many of us take the time to look closely at the minute details

of what we habitually see as total objects ? Each time I peer through my

lens, I am amazed at the artist in Nature. She paints with many brushes,

both broad and fine. In this exhibit I share with you an intimate glimpse of

Her magnificent, microscopic strokes. Macro photography allows me to

show you a magnified view of the world. Here you can experience the magic

intensity of colors, shapes and patterns inherent in a simple living thing. I

hope that this glimpse will encourage you to occasionally stop and look at

the details in nature and marvel at its creation. When not being the gum

goddess ... a dentist, I travel the world photographing the spectacular

diversity of flora and fauna that enrich our planet.









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