Debra Harry (Blondie) with Andy Warhol- Photo by Christopher Makos
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"Ten Years After: The Warhol Factory"

This multimedia exhibition examines the artistic and cultural achievements of six
living artists, who first gained prominence through their association with
Andy Warhol, and  who continue to practice their arts to the present day.

The group comprises several generations of Warhol's associates. It begins with those
who played an integral role in founding the famous silver Factory in the early 1960's
(Gerard Malanga and Billy Name) and those who were attracted to Andy and his
studio in the early years (Ultra Violet and Allen Midgette); extends to one who
entered Warhol's circle after his move to Union Square in 1968, and then to the
final location on 33rd Street (Christopher Makos); and concludes with Andy's own
nephew (James Warhola), who carries on the artistic tradition within the
Warhola family.

Each artist is represented by a mini-retrospective of ten works, surveying the varied
media and phases of his or her career. These include themes of human sexuality
(homosexual, heterosexual, transvested); spirituality (Christian subjects and Zen
philosophy) and death and disaster (guns and car accidents); a fascination with famous
people and Native Americans, with physical beauty and international travel, and with
conceptual art and its progenitors (especially Marcel Duchamp, Man Ray and John Cage);
the union of word and picture (in concrete poetry, and in poetic/photographic memoirs); and
the appropriation and replication of images (through photography, photo silk screening, and
photocopying). Laura Rubin joins the artists of the Warhol Circle with select photographs
from the factory years.

Warhol Vest by Allen Midgette

The Artists of the Warhol Circle

Christopher Makos - Gerard Malanga - Allen Midgette -
Billy Name - Ultra Violet - James Warhola

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